Fixed-Fee Probate Lexington County

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Fixed-Fee Probate Lexington County Attorney

Fixed-Fee Probate Lexington County attorney with extensive experience and reasonable, fixed fees, Kelly L. Burnside has helped hundreds of clients with their uncontested probate and estate planning matters.  We believe that our rates are fair and reasonable.

Probate should not be expensive in situations where there are no disputes between family members, especially if the decedent took the time and expense to execute a will.  At Burnside Law Firm, LLC, we like being a  fixed-fee probate Lexington County attorney whenever possible.  In order to be considered for a fixed fee, the following conditions must be met when probating a will:

  1.  The Decedent must have a will;
  2. The Decedent must have lived in Lexington or Richland County;
  3. The Decedent must have died within the last three years;
  4. The Estate must remain completely uncontested;
  5. The will must give the Personal Representative the power to sell real estate if there is real estate.
  6. There is only 1 piece of real estate to be probated in Lexington County.  (Multiple properties will result in a higher fixed cost, depending on the location of the property.)

Burnside Law Firm, LLC also offers a fixed-fee Probate for Estates without a will depending on the circumstances, provided that requirements 2-4 are met and all the intestate heirs of the estate have legal capacity and can agree on the process for probating the estate and willing to elect one personal representative for the estate.

How to get started?  Email to receive our Probate Worksheet or Contact us today to set up your FREE Consultation for your uncontested fixed-fee probate Lexington County estate!  Most of time, we can quote you over the phone once you provide us with a few details.


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