Are you looking for a Criminal Law Attorney Lexington SC?  Are you facing DUI charges or other criminal charges?  Give us a call and see if we can help you get justice you deserve.  Burnside Law Firm handles DUI/DWI cases and other minor criminal charges.  Do you have a pending DUI in Columbia, SC?  We maybe able to help!

There are two separate laws in South Carolina regarding DUIs.  The South Carolina Code of Laws govern when an individual can be charged with DUI/DWI.  These rules state that a person can be charged with DUI/DWI if they fall into one or both categories:

  • The person is “under the influence of alcohol to the extent that [your] faculties to drive a motor vehicle are materially and appreciably impaired.” Under this rule, a person can be charged with DUI/DWI regardless of their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC); or
  • A person is operating a motor vehicle with a BAC of 0.08% or above.


If you have a pending DUI in SC you should consult with an attorney to see what your options are.  At Burnside Law Firm, LLC, we offer FREE Consultations on all DUI cases.  Contact us today to see if we can help!

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